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The Unheard of formed in 1984 as an outlet for a bunch of like-minded guys to get together and play the music they liked. Through a few line-up changes over the years, we're still bringing the garage sound of the 60's into the new millenium. Using vintage Vox amplifiers and keyboards, we keep the sounds true to the pioneering bands in the genre, yet our songs have a modern feel and can take you back in time as well as move you into the future, all at the same time. 

We also try to bring the vibe of the 60's into our shows while avoiding the 'oldies' or 'nostalgia' show kitsch. We've been featured on 3 compilation cd's released with Greek garage music magazines, and on Nightwaves, a very cool garage show on Canadian radio, in addition to playing a live set on WMSE Radio in Milwaukee during their annual fund-raising campaign. We've also recorded with Glenn Rehse of Plasticland, and members of The Petals. Enjoy the sounds, close your eyes, and let the music take you wherever you want to go! We'll see you at one of our live gigs, and let the music open your mind!

The Unheard Of: General Info

Band Website 

Band Members Jim Galaxy on guitar and vocals, Mark Chrysler on guitar, theramin, sitar, and Vox organ, Frank Milligan on bass, Ted Noble on drums and Dan Hill on Guitar and Vocals. 

Influences Thirteenth Floor Elevators, The Moving Sidewalks, MC5, The Yardbirds, The Cramps, Dick Dale, The Doors, Chocolate Watch Band, The Electric Prunes, Iggy & the Stooges, Plasticland... Basically any early garage punk from the mid 1960's, through stuff like The Ravonettes, the White Stripes, any Estrus artists, and surf guitarists.

Record Labels: 

In Italy = Psyche Out 

In France = Farniente. 


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More About Us

Musical Shape Shifters

The Unheard Of Plays Midwest Original Music Festival in Franklin, WI. at Croatian Park.

  The musicians in The Unheard Of have changed in it's 35 year tinier  from 1984 to 2019. Although the latest line-up has 2 new members, The band still carries on it's original sound and flavor of material. Bonded over their shared passions for sound, rhythm and beats. Each member brings a unique musical aesthetic to the band and over the years we’ve grown comfortable jumping genres and mashing up influences.

Born of One-Nighters

Tim Noble, WMSE DJ and Friend of The Unheard Of.

The Band has earned it's reputation for being a working band, Having at least 1 show per year since 1984, Tim Noble, Radio Personality at WMSE 91.7 fm in downtown Milwaukee, WI. has taken an interest in the bands past and having Jim and Frank on His radio show in 2019 to talk about Our success as a local band that is getting air play over seas and in Canada. As Of February 2018, Our 8th release became Worldwide on itunes and many other media websites.

Looking to the Future

Jim & Frank Down At WMSE with Tim Noble, Talking about The Unheard Of' 35 year milestone in 2019.

We’re packing up the gear for another year of Live Music in support of our new album. Our set list will prominently feature the new stuff but also dive into favorites from our previous releases. Check out Our Website or The Unheard Of Fan Club Page on Facebook for when we’ll be playing near you. Check The Social Networks Bar Below For Facebook, YouTube and other social media sites The Unheard Of is on. You're sure to find one You're on. FUZZ ON!


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